Masters of Marketing Qi

Bob “The Teacher”

Bob Jenkins, known as Bob The Teacher, simplifies the complex world of internet marketing into easy to understand lessons for business owners around the world. For ten years, Bob taught freshmen U.S. History and World Religions to seniors at a public high school in Maryland. He holds a B.A. in Social Science Education and History from Florida State University, as well as a Master of Liberal Arts degree from Johns Hopkins University.

Since 1999, he has owned his own online business, featuring web hosting and domain registration services. Now a full time business coach, speaker, and internet marketing consultant, he is the author of over a dozen online training courses. From free advertising to viral marketing, from list building & affiliate marketing to product creation, Bob can help you move forward with your business.

Bob lives with his partner, Joanna, and their two American Bobtail cats, Maynard and Keenan in North Carolina. With the help of his online business, Bob enjoys more tennis, golf, and vacations to the Caribbean.

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