Masters of Marketing Qi

Brad Semp

Brad Semp, is often referred to as The Systems Guy and is an expert in helping entrepreneurs, small business owners, and corporate clients to identify and take action that produces intended results.

Brad brings a unique perspective on business success after spending 10+ years in the corporate arena - most recently the head of a $130+ million dollar business unit for a major automotive supplier. After leaving his corporate life to focus on getting his PhD as well as his entrepreneurial aspirations, Brad founded Cashmaps® and Cashmap Systems, LLC which was recently acquired by Mark Joyner and his Simpleology™ brand.

Brad now oversees Sempsys, Inc - a suite of on and offline businesses that focus on system-based solutions for entrepreneurs and business to produce residual income 24/7. Brad's approach to leveraging Simple Action Systems™ open his clients' minds and challenge them to think differently about working less...not more, producing desired results in as little time as possible and helping them to stop over complicating things by applying the power of Gall's Law to take simple actions and produce extraordinary results.

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