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Wille Crawford

Willie Crawford, recognized as one of the world's leading internet marketing experts, was raised on a tobacco farm in North Carolina, living off welfare most of his youth. His family was so poor, that he once wore his grandmother's shoes to school while working to earn money to replace his only dilapidated pair. This experience built a burning desire in Willie to break away from poverty and build his own business.

Willie worked his way through college, then joined the Air Force where he traveled to 47 different countries while serving as a navigator on C-130 transport aircraft. During that time, he also learned "a little" of five different languages.

In 1996, while still serving in the Air Force in Hawaii, Willie decided to start his own internet-based business. By the time he retired from the military in 2003, Willie had built that into a 6-figure part-time income.

Willie has created dozens of information products, written over 1100 articles and 34 ebooks on ecommerce. He's hosted seminars and now hosts his own radio show several times per week and has spoken at dozens of seminars in the United States, Malaysia, Singapore and the U.K. He has an incredible 1600 websites, some of which get over 1 million unique visitors per month.

Willie leverages his knowledge of online marketing, and the connections that he's developed over the years to help others launch their own products. He often serves as a middleman, or joint venture broker and is the Executive Director of The International Association of Joint Venture Brokers. Willie also enjoys teaching others through his courses, teleseminars and live coaching programs.

He has written several books including a bestselling soul-food cookbook (featured in The Soul Food Museum in Atlanta, Georgia), and an inspirational biography, Git Off the Porch.

When Willie is not busy teaching ecommerce online via his The Internet Marketing Inner Circle, or teaching local businesses to use the internet to drive more business through their doors, he enjoys deep sea fishing in The Gulf of Mexico, not too far from his Florida home.

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